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TENA® Promise® Pads, by Essity, are for days where medium amount of protection is what you want. Those with varying incontinence needs will want a moderate absorbency pad for fairly brief periods of activity during the day. Less material makes for easier strides and confidence with these TENA® brand pads, a brand well known and trusted for those who work with incontinence products on a daily basis. These moderate absorbency pads are easy to place with the soft elastic border that seats neatly inside the briefs. Once inserted, they form a bowl shape for efficient wetness protection. The wetness is collects naturally, but quickly allows the top layer to dry and the urine to transfer and be held in the lower absorbency layers. The lower layers contain absorbent beads that locks the fluid into a gel to keep for spilling over. Once done, you simply dispose of the pad. The pad is rounded on the edges to conform to natural contours of the body, making the pad feel natural and look inconspicuous while worn.

TENA® Promise® Pads Features and Benefits

  • The pad is contoured to fit the body.
  • The pads are for moderate absorbency.
  • The Promise® Pads contain microbeads for added absorbency.
  • When wetness occurs the top layer will dry and the bottom layer takes in the moisture.
  • They hide well under clothes and absorb well with oval shape.
  • They can be used with a TENA® pad or regular underwear.

TENA® Promise® Pads Specifications

  • Manufacturer Number: 62320
  • Manufacturer: Essity
  • Liquid Volume Hold Capacity: 150mL
  • Topsheet Color: Peach
  • Absorbent Material: Polymer Gel



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Availability: 5 in stock