First Aid Kit| 16 Unit| Plastic Case (DROP SHIP ONLY – $150 Minimum Order)

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Designed for the workplace| these kits are compliant with ANSI regulations and also meet or exceed federal OSHA requirements (states may vary). Kit includes: (2) AN146: 1″x3″ Adhesive plastic bandages| 16/bx; (1) AN101: 1″x3″ Fabric bandages| 16/bx; (1) AN206: 3″x3″ Gauze dressing pads| 8/bx; (1) AN205: 5″X9″ Trauma pad| 1/bx; (1) AN266: 3″ Compress bandage| off center| 2/bx; (1) AN5071: 40″ Triangular sling/bandage| with 2 safety pins| 1/bx; (1) AN337: BZK antiseptic towelettes| 10/bx; (1) AN4040: First aid/burn cream packs| 10/bx; (1) A4003: Antibiotic ointment packs| 10/bx; (1) AN5111: 1/2″x2.5 yd. First aid tape roll| 2/bx; (1) B503: 4″x5″ Instant cold compress| 1/bx; (1) B717: 2 Sterile eye pads| 1 oz. eye wash| 1/2″x5 yd. first aid tape roll| 1/bx; (1) AN5112: Exam quality vinyl gloves| 4/bx; (1) First aid guide


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